Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Fever 2014 Convention AAR

Hi Kids, Last weekend was Spring Fever, the miniature wargames con in Raleigh.  I was only able to make it for one of the two days, but I did manage to take some snaps of the action.  This one was probably the last Spring Fever, the lads are trying to decide if they want to keep this con and the larger Raleigh con Southern Front going long term.  So why don't all you local-ish kids get a tank o' gas and head over to Raleigh to see what you're missing?  You might not get that many more opportunities.  The next Game Day is June 7th at Atomic Empires in Durham, and Southern Front is in November.  A great time will be had by all!

 Here we have the triumphant return of the World Famous Conrad, builder extrodinarre!  It's a 15mm game called "Get Off The Beach," using a huge amount of hand-built landing craft of assorted types.  They even brought their own barrage balloons!  All custom built terrain, too!
 The view from the other side.
 Heck, why not custom build some wreckage, too?
 Lord of The Rings, fighting the elephants of doom.
 Steampunk or the Wild West?  Let's be flexible!  You can always find a use for a rigid airship!
 The French and Indian War, probably somewhere up near the Great Lakes.
 The scene before the action starts.
 The partially constructed fort is in trouble in these two shots.

 Tron Lightcycles in the early game.  Eight players took to the grid; half fighting for the Users, half for the evil MCP.
 Things are getting a lot tighter later in the game.
Here we have the setup for a 54mm Ancient Greek game, skirmish level encounters.
And who'd of thought you could get divine intervention while defending your cattle?  Watch out, that guy looks pissed!
 Not to be outdone, one of the other factions manages to attract the attention of Ares himself!  Seek shelter!
 It wasn't all Historical, there was a 40K tournament going on also!  Here's a fistful of bad news, a Tyranid army made up of bad attitude!
 Funky terrain!
 The Chaos Wastes never looked so good!
 Stonehenge for the 40K set!
 Between games the Necrons land for some routine maintenance.
 Billy Bad-ass buzzes the bad guys!
 "Tween game breaks are over, time to get back into the rough and tumble!
 A better shot of the Necron Air Force!
 One of GW's Finest; the brand new Knight!
 Take cover men!
 Some other big beasties take on the Marines!

And that's about it for this con report!

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